plan and design a trip-finder widget.

UI This is planned as an embedded widget so the design is kept clean and simple enough to blend into an existing site, with some unique touche-ups, to keep the user engaged.

UX Enter as little information as only a location, or get more in depth with a specific destination and extra filters.
Your search results will list trips sorted by rating, each with a short description and information about the type of the trip.

Search in a box

UX while looking for ways to make a search in such a massive and varied database as easy as possible, a few interesting solutions came up, for example in mobile, while scrolling (infinite-scroll) in a very long list, I have added an option to see a sticky progress bar on top and to mark specific items in the list you could later easily scroll back to and find again.

Another example is a new filtering system. swipe an item left or right, "like" or "dislike", an algorithm will learn the user's prefered filters automatically and narrow down the results.   

UI The design uses a prominent color along with black, white and gray - when used as part of a website the main color can be changed to fit it.

The design is based on a bootstrap grid

GOAL create an ecommerce search "standalone" platform which will later be implemented into a website. search in a huge variety of products and product-types.

Download PDF with wireframes, flow, and UX descriptions:


UX/UI My main goal was to keep the design as simple as possible, in order to be approachable to all age groups at once, and focus mainly on legibility and ease of use. 

Originally this app is in Hebrew (see download links below).

What is EZgov? A mobile app that lets Israeli citizens follow government decisions and laws.



iPad app for an e-book shop and an e-book reader for books in hebrew.
project date: 2011



An app version for the largest economic newspaper in Israel

A Raffle Game App


Two design options for a sports statistics app









As a freelancer for many years I work with musicians on various projects and as a photographer, see extra abilities and get to know me a little better with these online portfolios.